Best Tough Cars for Road Trip


In accordance with its development, many types of cars are marketed in World, ranging from City Cars, SUVs, MPVs, and Sedans. Many people who use car rental service usually will choose the type of car first and then they will go to the brand. In accordance with the characteristics of people who have many families and road trip traditions, the percentage of choosing SUV and MPV type cars is greater than the Sedan. In addition to MPV, a car with a type of sport utility vehicle (SUV) is also suitable to be used as a vehicle to go to road trip town. SUVs are famous for being tough and brave, especially for walking down ugly and winding road terrain. The interior is also spacious and comfortable to sit on for long. If you want to use the car with the combination of MPV and SUV, these two recommendations could be your choice.

Two Best and Affordable tough cars

There are two cars, which can become the toughest and yet affordable cars for those who want to have a long road trip.

  • Nissan Navara

One of the most coveted SUVs is the Nissan Navara. All of the categories mentioned above are also owned by this vehicle. Even though driving on potholes, you will still be comfortable thanks to the double independent wishbone suspension with coil spring plus stabilizer. The fuel used by this car is generally gasoline. It is a bit wasteful compared to other cars but commensurate with the comfort provided. You and five relatives in the passenger seat can go road trip quietly using this car. Honda has several types of quality LMPV cars.

  • Renault Lodgy

If you want a new output car with good performance from this one brand, Renault Lodgy is the right one. Even though it looks small from the outside, this car can carry up to eight people inside. The modern, futuristic and comfortable interior is the mainstay of this car. The steering wheel of this car can be adjusted because it was designed with the tilt steering concept. The interior of the Lodgy cabin is also equipped with a soft seat and can be folded in the third row. Honda claims, the gasoline-fueled Lodgy is the most economical in its class. Approximately, per liter can cover a distance of up to 27 kilometers. So, you don’t need to worry about having to spend a lot to refuel this car.

For the use of small cars in a city car or hatchback class, it is actually not recommended for long trip. Thus when you use car rental service, ask their recommendation what best car for you depending on the distance you will go. Don’t ever choose the most fancy cars, always see your budget and choose between those two cars if you want to have a road trip on budget without worrying the car’s performance because both Nissan and Renault are good in manufacturing SUV. Just make sure the safety guide when you want to go for a long road trip. No matter how good and tough your car is, if you ignore the safety guide, it is useless. You still have to follow it.

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