Conventional Trip VS Road Trip


When we are talking aboutĀ  trip on holiday, then there will be two plans whether you will have a road trip or holiday using public transportation like air plane or bus. Then, if you want to have conventional trip, you have to prepare things like ticket, schedules and more and for road trip you have to prepare your own car or just rent a vehicle at rental24h. However, if you are confused to choose between conventional and road trip, we have the short review for it.

Pros and Cons

In comparing the two kinds of trip, we should see the pros and cons to see which trip that will be more suitable for your holiday now.

  • Time and schedule

When riding public transportation, we must be bound by strict schedules and regulations on the part of the airline or company. Starting from the time of departure, routes, and much more. It is indeed inevitable for the sake of a smooth journey that is most comfortable for all passengers. Like it, you must follow the rules without being able to protest or ask for relief. Another case with a road trip where you act as passengers as well as the organizers.

  • Flexible rules

This means, you can be more flexible in time and place. Even in the middle of the road, you can casually change the rules, depending on the conditions and our moods. For example, if we wake up too early, we can start the trip before the planned hours. During this trip, we are free to make many adjustments according to your wishes and needs. You can speed up or slow down the speed of the vehicle according to mood and needs. If you feel hungry, you can stop by anywhere to eat without the need to rush. You are also free to choose the route you like the most, whether it’s a shorter route or a route that goes through interesting places. Sometimes, you will find attractions or objects that are very interesting in the middle of the journey. Here, you can directly park the vehicle to be able to visit as long as you want. Flexibility like this that makes the trip feel relaxed and enjoyable. Without being bound to anything, traveling feels freer and lighter to live.


The more time and flexibility you have during the trip, it means that there will be more surprises and challenges you face while on the road. For an adventurer, of course this is what will be waiting for. Because, every challenge will give you a chance to develop. Problems that arise suddenly during the trip will force you to think creatively in finding solutions. You will also be required to be wise and patient so you can face it calmly. Some challenges will motivate you to get out of the comfort zone and take a risk when trying to solve it. In the end, the challenge during road trip will help you to develop and rise responsibility especially if you have road tripĀ  and rent a vehicle at rental24h because you must not want to pay charge when there is something happen to the car.



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